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Any info about Wartsila ?


I have been given a box of glass dishes by an elderly relative  ...perfect in original packing labelled...Wartsila , Nuutajarvi notsjo 1793...the number is 606 6-6150-140. they appear to be tiny plates or dishes with no pattern or decoration at all . I would love to know anything about them. There are 6 in the box and I believe they were bought in the 60's., probably in Germany or Norway ..though I know they are from Finland.

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You'll need to attach a photo to get a definite identification but the pattern number suggests they are the plates from the Prisma series, designed by Kaj Franck in 1967. The plates have quite a deep centre; they were produced 1967–1979 and again from 1985 onwards.

They're made by the Finnish glassmaker Nuutajärvi. Wärtsilä was Nuutajärvi's parent company at the time—they also owned the Arabia ceramics factory but their main business comprised big industrial stuff, ship building etc.

Many thanks for that described the plates accurately...very deep and very plain. I will sort a photo soonest but wonder what they were intended for ....a fruit plate or a dessert dish perhaps ? I have looked  again at the box and it says Prisma on it . are they collectable ? I like Scandinavian style for its simplicity  but these seem purely functional.

I use these - the glass service to complement the Teema dishes. There are small tumbles (sherry) and larger ones and water glasses, there are dessert bowls and everything stacks to fit in a small cupboard. That is the genius of this design which has been in production for a very short time because they were vulnerable to cracking.
Use Coogle images and put in Kaj Franck Prisma - you'll see the lot.


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