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Help with another unknown paperweight please


I found this in a charity shop this week, although not recognising the design I turned it over fully expecting to see it was either Selkirk or Caitheness but apart from wear marks there is nothing on the base.
I've been through all the Selkirk images in the Skiando photobucket site and through the Scotland's glass Caithness and Selkirk images and drawn a blank.

Can anyone throw any light on it's origins?

Many thanks

It reminds me a bit of the Caithness Sea Birds of 1976ff - Fulmar just being an example. Your weight could be a "blank" which for some reason was not finished (engraved).

Thanks Wolf, it does seem very similar, although having looked through the series now I cannot see one quite like it's base design. Very odd especially it not being marked as a second even.


I have a few unsigned Caithness. Recently I saw a 'Scorpion' Caithness weight totally unsigned. I don't know exactly why this happened. I do have a miniature which has been attributed to Caithness but as a trial piece.


Oddly there's another on ebay, but this ones marked as a second


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