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Elephant - ID = Chinese probably HUICHANG

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Posting this in Murano as I am confident it's Italian. Purple Elephant 4.25" high. I have a fair few small lamp work elephants but this is bigger and it has a gold leaf body with wavy coloured glass lines. I see similar in the Murano Zoo but nothing close enough to attribute to.


I don't think your elephant is Murano glass. I am more inclined to say it is Oriental. This shape and foil technique look more Chinese to me. (I hope your elephant doesn't hunt me down and charge.)

It would only be a baby charge, Anita ;)
He's lovely Adam, has a bit of character, looks as if he's saying; "Hang on Mum, wait for me!"  but I can't help remotely with id. :)

I did think he was Murano lamp work. He is so like my other ID'd Murano lamp work animals. Ah well...

Thanks Sue, he is cute where ever he's from.


Adam, the elephant might be Murano. It is hard to know exactly where the little animals come from. Most of the animals in the zoo were born from the furnace, but lamp working is becoming very important in the Venice area. It makes sense, since the cost of keeping the furnaces going must be very high.

The reason I thought your elephant could be oriental is it reminded me of these: This type of ribbed work is used very often for Chinese pieces. Several Oriental companies make similar elephants.


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