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Nemsova trinket set with ‘kneeling ‘angel’ candlesticks

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A pressed glass trinket set made by the Nemsova factory in Czechoslovakia. Green uranium and light blue examples, both in frosted glass.

The ‘kneeling angels’ candlesticks appear in their pre-1958 catalogue in 2 sizes - pattern no. 5082 (120mm), and 5083 (75mm). Ref.: Marcus Newhall’s Sklo Union CD-ROM.

(Permission for re-use of the images of the blue candlesticks on the GMB granted by tababa, and the green set by arousiac).

John Smith:
Errrm.. Any ideas of the maker/country of origin please... I have the pair of candlesticks, tray and a lidded pot.
Am thinking Czechoslovakia. Have seen the pattern before in blue glass, but??? Please help if you can.
Many Thanks. John


John Smith:
Many Thanks to you Lustrousstone... Fantastic help to me.  :)

Since posting the original message referred to by Christine, above, in the Glass Trinket Sets section of GMB, I have seen quite a few examples of these angel candlholders on American sites (though never as part of a trinket set), always attributed to the the L E Smith Glass Co. in various colours, usually frosted, and with supposed dates of 1960s and 1970s, though none appear to be marked.

In a couple of examples, one in clear 'crystal' and one in frosted colourless glass, they were assigned pattern number 6661 and a production date of 1973-1997.

There is even currently a brown slag version (also attributed to L.E. Smith) from an American seller on the Etsy site at

I wonder, perhaps, if L.E. Smith licensed the design from Nemsova post-1958, or even simply imported them for re-sale?


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