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Nemsova trinket set with ‘kneeling ‘angel’ candlesticks

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As an afterthought, John, would it be possible for you to post some photos of the whole set, or at least the pot and tray, so that I can can confirm that the pieces from the set in my original message were, in fact, a matched set?

If so, I will ask Anne to combine both of these topic threads under a common heading in due course.

John Smith:
Very interesting and thank you... Have provided more pics of my set. I hope that they help. It would be good to know also if any other component items were produced for this pattern? A ring dish perhaps or???  Your original helpful link, suggests that only the kneeling angel candlesticks appear in original factory catalogues... I am wondering if the tray and pot were later additions???  Best wishes to you. John

John Smith:
... having looked at the Etsy slag glass example, it would seem that L E Smith would have used Sklárna Nemšová moulds... being that the original items were catalogued pre-1958 which predates the L E Smith association, one assumes. The slag glass examples are less defined in terms of their crispness, which woud also account for them having been produced from much-used moulds. According to what I have managed to find out here, Nemšová ceased opperating independently circa 1965, before then becoming a part of Sklo (glass) Union. The original factory is now a producer of bottles and jars for the food market... and the largest/most successful of the region. Personally, I would not consider the slag glass examples or yours or mine as having been produced in the same factory and or period... But???? John

That the sets were made in green uranium glass probably puts them just pre- to just post-war IMHO (maybe when the factory was owned by Karl Schedlbauer), though I suspect the blue candlesticks are Sklo Union from the colour. Many of the Sklo Union designs were carried over from the independent factories.

Sklárna Nemšová was nationalised in 1946 when it became part of Slovenske Sklárny, which was part of the Sklo Union. It was hand pressing at the factory that ceased in 1965. (ref. Newell)

Here is the Americans' theory on the LE Smith candlesticks

Than you, John, for the additional photos of your pink set. The pot and tray certainly match those of my green uranium set, and with a similar set in green uranium shown at
(which still only shows the same number of pieces).

Thank you for the really informative link, Christine. My googling didn't bring it up for some reason.

I have contacted Anne and asked her to consider combining both of these topic threads under a common heading.


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