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Lotus pattern Milk Glass - ID: Indiana Lily Pons

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Does anyone know where I should look for White Milk Glass that has the lotus pattern on it? 

It's a specific one and the only one I've seen that has the blossom on the underside as part of it's design.

Its very similar to the Indiana Wild Rose Patterned Milk Glass except it's Lotus.  I thought maybe it was made by Indiana as it's so close, but I cant find anything on it.

All help is appreciated as my Mother has some pieces that have been broken over the years and I'd like to get her some.


David E:
Glen might be the one to help here as she is the 'in-house' Carnival glass expert and I think Indiana patterns might cross to milk glass?

Might have this wrong but try her web site anyway:

Ok...and here is a picture of the Wildrose milk glass that looks so similar

Just as comparinson


Thanks for the pics, that really helps. I think I have found it in the book A Century of Indiana Glass by Craig Schenning. The pattern is Lily Pons, #605. The pattern goes back to 1934 and was done in crystal and green. In the late 50s the 7 inch bowl was reissued in a variety of colors  including Milk white. It remained in production until the 1990s. Glen might know of this as it states one color as gold iridescent. Hope this helps, Terry

Omg!! Thank you!! For some reason her grandmother always called it lotus....No darn wonder I couldnt find anything online about the Lotus pattern!!!  Thanks so I wasnt such a dummy after all in thinking it was Indiana glass - yay me!

Thanks for all your help in searching and posting for me!



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