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Glen, You Were Right


Hi Glen,

I have had to let you know that what you said ages ago was true, I got some carnival glass yesterday and one piece is marigold, but it is the most wonderful colour. Not the ususal wishy washy colour  

and I also got one in amethyst as well

and a stag and holly in amethyst

and a green grape and cable (by Fenton I think)

but I don't know what the pattern of the first two is called or who made them. Could you please help?

Many thanks,

Barbara - those pieces have great colour and iridescence. Congratulations.

The first two are called "Windflower" and were made by Dugan. The marigold one looks to have lots of turquoise and red highlights. The amethyst one looks dark and vibrant too. Lovely examples of the pattern. How nice too, that you have them in the two different ruffles: the 6 and the 10.

The last bowl you show is Fenton's Vintage (not Grape & Cable). The iridescence on it is magnificent. It appears to have a stretchy effect round the edge. Super piece.

Thanks for showing them, and congrats on such lovely examples.


Hi Glen,

I just had to let you know that you were sooooooooooo right. The only other marigold pieces I have seen pale into insignificance both in the colour and quality.

Thankyou for ID'ing them for me. Got them from auction, and luckely there was no real interest in them, only the auctioneer, the wall and me :evil:



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