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Bought for a few pounds this Rueven vase. Saw it posted on board re search and he (Robert Rueven Brown) still decorates glass. As said in previous thread I think they are blanks he paints, it says hand painted on label not hand made. It's very attractive anyway with lots of lustre, very thin glass though - delicate.

His website at

Thanks Adam

Rather like Simron glass from Isreal - but bolder (nicer) colours.


Not so.  There are several refineries in Israel who make this sort of acid dip or -spray glass, usually on bought blanks from Italy (Bormioli) or France (Arques). The largest is Ilanit glass, but Nahariya glass has also dabbled in acid, as has Reuven. Often these come with a retail label - which does not mean they made it.


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