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Help on this vase ID = Probably Crystalex, circa 1988

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I have taken a punt on this being Scandinavian but I might be totally wrong.
It measures 23cm tall with enamel red & blue lines, the glass is very dark & not really transparent.

Any ideas where this was made would be really appreciated.

I have a Magnor vase in Black glass which has an almost identical neck & base so that might be a starting point to look into :)


I will have a look, the glass is a really deep purple when you shine a light through it.
 It is not a heavy glass, it has a Holmegaard Gul vase type feel to the glass (if that makes sense).

As far as I know these are Weisswasser Germany, circa 1960s.

According to the Sypka Czech glass auction catalogue (part II) this vase was designed by Marcela Vosmikova for Crystalex, Novy Bor, in 1988.
They give as reference Czech Glass Revue (issue 1988/2, which unfortunately is missing on Jindrich's great site).



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