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Swedish glass ID = Runeborg for Ekenas


I would like to know if anyone is familiar with a glass artist named Runeborg Ekends.   Signed on the bottom of a decanter, probably Orrefors not sure, I got it from my grandparents, who were born late 1800's.

Could you be mistaking Ekends for Ekenäs?
There is a designer Greta Runeborg listed working there 1941-1952.
I can across a vase by her on ebay & the signature tallies.

You are correct!  I looked again, it is not a "d" but an "a" with umlaut.  Sorry I do not have that on my keypad.  Thank you so much, I will look on e-Bay.  It is not in great condition, the glass is a bit cloudy in places, not sure if it has much value.

For cloudy decanters I use a mix of Cerium Oxide, water & small fishing weights - takes a long time swilling around but usually does the trick & makes a huge difference.


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