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Vintage DeVilbiss Gold/Silver Crackle perfume atomizers


I collect vintage gold and silver crackle glass perfume bottles mostly sold by DeVilbiss, Holmspray and Irice between the 1930's and 1950's in the USA. These companies made the hardware and atomizers but not the actual glass bottles. I can't seem to find out anything more than a line or two on these bottles. All the info. written online or in books is on the earlier art deco bottles of the 1920' and early 1930's. I do believe the bottles were most likely made in the US because of the existing labels on some of my bottles but that's as far as I'm able to get. There are some DeVilbiss records at a library in Ohio that may or may not contain the info. I'm interested in but I would have to drive all the way there and go thru stacks of paperwork in order to find out. If anyone else collects these bottles or knows where they were manufactured I would greatly appreciate any shared knowledge. I've inherited about 40 of these from my great aunt and really love them. Thanks for your efforts. Libby.

Hello Libby and welcome to the board. I'd love to see pictures of your bottles if you'd like to share them please? We have a dedicated forum for dressing table / toilet / trinket sets and it might be better to post them into there than in USA general forum, simply because that's where the collectors of these types of things tend to gather. Once you've seen this reply I'll move this topic over there too, to keep all the info together. :)

Got any pictures to share? They did, Devilbiss at least, source some of the glass from Europe and probably elsewhere too. Look at some of the Czech glass books by Truitt you might recognise some styles.


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