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Who designed this Kosta Boda Votive?


I just picked up this Kosta Boda votive candle holder (well, I think that's what it is :shock: :?  ) in an antique shop.  I just liked the look of it   ::)
I thought it looked Scandi, but only knew it was Kosta Boda because it has a label on the bottom   ;D

But what I would like to know is, can anyone tell me a) who the designer might be?  b) what is the name of the design? and c) when was it produced? 

Thanks very much   ;D

Bill G:
Having gone through a sample of 1990's and 2000's sales catalogs for
Kosta Boda, I was unable to find the votive.

My guess would be Rolf Sinnemark as he did a similar votive but this is only a guess

It is machine made. There were a lot of them sold in Sweden because of its tulip shape. We see them in second shops all the time.

Thank you, Bill  :D

I am interested that you say, "It is machine made" 'cos it implies that there are some which aren't machine made - or am I misunderstanding!   :shock:  'Cos I thought they were all machine made - as in pressed! :?

I now have 3 or 4 votive candle holders, although I'm not sure of the make of the others as they don't have labels, but they are all similar and I presumed they were all pressed and that was how these things were made!  Are there versions that are 'hand made' then?   :shock:

Bill G:
Most of the candle holders especially votives are machine made.
However, there are a number of candleholders which are hand blown
free hand or into molds.
I offer the "Felicia" candlesticks of blown candleholders. Kosta Boda is the
company. Another example is "johanfors" by Ann Wählström

With the use of the centrifuge, many votive designs can be created using this technique rather than designated as pressed glass.

Sven Palmqvist was the originator of and developed the centrifuge to create glass forms ie. Fuga.

Thanks again, Bill!   :D   Superb and fascinating information!    :shock:   I'm really grateful to you for taking the time to educate me!  :D


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