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Poinsettia / floral by Jeannette

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Thought you might like to see my small collection of Poinsettia pattern by Jeannette......

Just added another piece to the collection  ;)

They are lovely Angela,  I used to collect this set when I first started to collect green glass...then when I 'migrated' to animals & birds,  I sold all my Jeannette Poinsettia on eBay.... who knows,  some of it may have 'done the rounds' and ended up with you. :)

I have some desert bowls and saucers - they were a present from my friend (now 80) whose mother brought them back from the states after she got married there.
I simply couldn't bring myself to part with a gift from Norma, ever.  :)
She was delighted to hear they are now collected and highly rated bits of pressed glass, although just a little alarmed to learn they are radioactive. (I've put her mind to rest over that.)  :)

 I have been lucky to find some in charity shops who don't seem to value it very much and the bits I bought on ebay weren't described as depression glass. I just found them when browsing green glass (which has to be my favourite). I have restricted myself to just two patterns one in pink, Cherry Blossom and this green Floral or Poinsettia. Why do they call it poinsettia when the pattern is of a passion flower ?  :)


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