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One for the wildlife lovers - ID = Hedgehog by Miloslav Janku for ZBS


To my untrained and Antipodean eye, this little guy is a hedgehog in amethyst glass. (I have a couple of glass echidnas, which are different animals entirely - even I know that much!). He is 5cm high by 5.5cm wide by 9cm long and weighs about 300g.

Could the surface be moulded like that or is it cut? The eyes are clearly cut, because they have been left unpolished. The base is highly polished but has some wear marks.

It is signed, apparently by "M. Ganton" or something like that. Who is that?


Anik R:

Your hedgehog is Czech, designed by Miloslav Janku for Zelezny Brod (ZBS) glassworks. You can see similar ones in the 1970/11 Czechoslovak Glass Review here.

It's a lovely item, but I'm not quite sure whether or not your critter lost the tip of its nose somewhere along the way.  Perhaps it was made that way?


Edited to add:  Looking at the CGR photos, I don't think your hedgehog suffered damage -- the smaller one also has a stubby nose.  :)

Thanks, Anik. Great result. i wonder how the pattern on the animal is made: moulded or cut?

Is the Czechoslovak Glass Review generally available on the Internet? It seems a great resource.


Anik R:
I think the needles on your hedgehog are cut.  If I'm wrong, someone will certainly correct me.

You can access the CGR (as well as other fabulous resources on Czech glass) from Jindrich's Ceskoslovenske Sklo website:   

Anik  :)

I have your lovely Janku hedgehog's brother in neodymium glass.
Anik is correct,  his nose is perfect.


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