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c1850 ? white opaline small jug applied red trailed rim

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flying free:
I'm not entirely sure where my thoughts lie on this.   The handle and the way it is applied, seem to me to indicate c1840-1850? ( but I could be wrong  :-\ and the handle may not indicate age and may just be a design device) from what I can see in my searches, along with the opaline and the red trailed rim. 
The way the rim is pinched is distinctive, with the profile curving down to the spout and with the flat upright back. 
The way the handle is applied on the interior of the rim is quite unusual as far as I can see. It has a thumb dent at the top.
The opaline is absolutely luminous, beautiful.  It is a high quality piece with a polished pontil mark (standard sized, not particularly small as my Clichy one is for example).

My instinct says French.  My searching brings up a jug (different decor but on opaline glass) that appears to have a similarly applied handle and shaped rim and with a rim that curves down at the front spout, that is attributed as probably Baccarat - it has a hand enamelled mark on the base 'P and then a number'.  Is that a French way of marking or is it maybe just the enamellers mark not specific to any country.(see link)

However searching Richardson, shows more jugs with similar handles and rims (see links below) and particularly one (the red one - id'd as probably Richardson) which appears to have the similar dipped spout but not the interior applied handle, and I do wonder whether the vase I link to first could be Richardson but perhaps the mark says not?
this one is marked Richardson
this last one doesn't have the rim but seems to have the interior applied handle

I found one opaline basket that has some similarities attributed as Baccarat probably here (6th item down from top)

I have not been able to find any opaline jugs other than these that are similar and none that are French although I still feel it may be French.  I can't find anything in my book sources (limited access to the Clichy book but no jugs that have handles anything like this).

Any thoughts very much appreciated.
Thanks for looking

flying free:
few more pics

Nice find. It may actually be from Bohemia circa 1840. I have a tiny milk jug with the same trim which I managed to id that by hand of a czech calendar (Historické Sklo 1979) which illustrates a bell
--- Quote --- glass bell "Isabell", fit with guilded silver. The Krkonose Mountains, Novy Svet, about 1840
--- End quote ---

Isabel is an off white slightly yellowish - so not milk glass. And the mountains are now known as the Giant Mountains.

Instantly I remembered Christine's Lötz set
 I don't say, yours is Lötz, but the quality and whiteness seem similar ?

My Loetz is a more translucent white I think.


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