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Author Topic: USA/Scotland/Europe/Paperweights - Weird stuff coming up on eBay (Mine)  (Read 1284 times)

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I am putting some of the weird stuff I have gathered over the years on eBay... much of it was just bought for a hands on experience like...
  • EAPG Crystallograph tray...  :o totally exquisite for the glass freak that wonders what these short-lived ideas resulted in. Sad that money always rules and kills such good ideas. It really is a joy of pressed glass technology.
  • Now why is no-one really studying these Bovril bottles... my little research shows that they were made by an amazing number of glassworks... Bovril was ubiquitous... :P
  • Now where did Lang have these god-awful 1930s vases made, ::) surely not Bohemia, but some naff bottleworks in France or Portugal??? But they got numbers on them and a bad mis-strike with the 9... could the second number be a factory pattern number... Libochov... nah...
  • The badge weights will frustrate  :-\ and everyone will sell them as Paul Ysart or Militaria - so might as well use that  ;D
  • Ritzenhoff, mouthblown in Germany, then they destroy them as collectibles by cold decoration instead of permanently fired enamels. Container industry designers! What can you expect. But these are at least year of intro items.... :-*
  • As to my Bagpipe paperweight... not weird...  :D but all the Scottish Art Community thought it totally naff as an intro to Scotland's Glass for 5 years... maybe they were right but see my comment in the auction. Now, how did he fuse a transfer so well within a paperweight  ???
  • Wonderful, what more can I say. Nice thing is you can look all the way trough it like a telescope...  >:( except it does not work like a telescope.
  • Rarer than Monart surface decorated... yes I know it is one of their most common shapes... but very few of this decoration have been found... yes I know it is not jaw-dropping... but it is Strathearn and it is tactile (just)... needs a bidding war to get these on the map and a new pair of trews for me... 8)
  • This is not weird, unless you think ink bottle collectors are weird. But I don't. For Scottish glass THIS IS OLD. For INK glass this is RARE. For PERTH GLASS this is about as rare and as old as you can get with a positive ID and uyou never know it might even have been blown by John Moncrieff Snr. Whose son hired the Ysart family and whose wife got Monart rolling  :o

See it all HERE

Well, lots more crates to get through... and if you want to see more weird stuff keep an eye on my ebay sales and here... where you will get the alternative view  ;)

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