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Salviati serpent and dolphins pitcher 1866-1872 -

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flying free:
I'm in shock.  I've never before bought anything I could identify so quickly or definitely. I just decided to trawl Gardner and Barr just in case...and there it was.  Sadly it has damage but honestly I don't care.  I have only one other piece of Venetian Glass and now this one (hope the link works).  The eyes are the same as well, black on milk glass so apparently it is an early piece.  I'm so excited, can't wait for it to arrive.  I'll post pics when it does.

oops the link doesn't work but if you wish to scroll through it's about half way through and called as per the title. 

Looking forward to some photos m.

The gallery has just provided a clue to one of my bits too.  ;D


flying free:
I'm just looking forward to seeing it in real life to see whether or not it is for real and not reproduction.  The only other example I can find is on the Gardner and Barr site and they reference one in the catalogue.  I've not managed to find a single other example.  I can post current pictures but they aren't that great and I''d rather wait til it arrives and I can see for myself.
It has damage and repaired damage so I'm keeping fingers crossed ;D

flying free:
pics with their permission
I will post some more when I collect it.
I think (hope) there is a good chance it is original and it will be lovely to hold it and see the thickness of the glass etc. despite the damage  :)

I saw that and thought about bidding but the phone bill is due and I gave in to common sense,although this is rare,I wondered if it was Salviati,the foot and colour remind me of my tiny vase,id'd as one of 'his' ;D well the colour might be a bit different ::) ;D ;D


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