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Salviati serpent and dolphins pitcher 1866-1872 -

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flying free:
thanks Keith. That's a very sweet piece.  The one I've bought is 9" high I think.  Really looking forward to seeing it now.

flying free:
Well it's arrived and I feel pretty sure it's an original Salviati piece.  It's been through the wars but the dolphins faces are mostly ok and the serpents face is fine along with tongue! - hopefully a great reference piece.  It measures 9 3/4" tall and 3 3/4" at widest point v. the G&Barr 10", there are slight differences in the execution of the Dolphins tails for example and the windy way the handle is applied but I think these are creative execution differences and acceptable.  Otherwise I'm fairly confident this is an original piece.  Thoughts anyone?
  The eyes on the dolphins look black on one of them but on the other two are very dark ruby/amethyst.  The handle is fantastic in the Vetro a retorti as per the Gardner and Barr example - beautiful.
Weighs 450grms or 16oz. 
Does it look and sound right?

flying free:
more pics

Wish I had bid on it now ::) ;D ;D looks great ;D

flying free:
thank you  ;D - I'm glad you didn't bid of course  :D


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