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Libochovice 2116 lidded pot?


An orange-pink  or amber-pink lidded pot about 90mm in diameter. The radially-ridged lid has a very distinctive crested finial.

Seems to correspond to the Libochovice pot 2116 shown at the bottom of page 46 Marcus Newhall’s Sklo Union CD- ROM Libochovice pre-1958 catalogue, though the catalogue gives the diameter as 100mm.

The text of Anne’s GTS entry also gives the diameter as 100mm, and the piece as a perfume flask, though this piece is most definitely a lidded pot.

This seems to be a standalone piece in the Newhall catalogue, though it may have been part of a set shown in an earlier catalogue.

Has anyone got photos of a similar piece in other colourways to share, or photos or catalogue references showing it as part of a set?

(Permission for the re-use of this image granted by revels373).

Photo of a green example, but no sign of a set yet.

(Permission for the re-use of this image granted by revels373).

Well how about that! In the catalogue it looks like a perfume flask, and is standing alongside another flask, so maybe it was a leap of faith, Fred! :)  In fact, I took the description from the database on the CD rather than the catalogue, where pattern 2116 is described as a perfume flacon by Marcus,  so I guess he thought it was as well. If the ones you have pics of are powder pots then this is an error, as they do seem to match the catalogue image as shown.  Do the powder pots match the 100mm diameter size?

The owner gave  the dimensions of the pots as maximum diameter 90mm x height 125mm, so that it may well be that there are actually trinket pots and perfume flasks in the same pattern.

Have any GMB members got (or have seen) a 2116 perfume flask?


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