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Happy 50th "Birthday" to the Studio Glass Movement - Studio Glass 1962-1979

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flying free:
Benny Motzfeld made by her I believe, and signed by her hand BM69 (jar vase) and BM 71 (bubble stripe vase)
Dave Hobart 'fish' strapped vase - unknown artist - November 6th 1974
Karlin Rushbrooke Hole sculptural paperweight 1975

flying free:
Michael Harris Fish

Trailed Studio vase - signed but maker unknown, believed to be early studio movement piece

Bernard C:
Sue Thanks for starting this topic, as I had not really appreciated what Studio Glass was.   I found an interesting and seemingly authoritative overview in Judith Miller's 20th Century Glass.   I can't say that I fully appreciate what it is, but I will take more care about describing glass as studio, trial, or experimental.

Bernard C.  8)

So that I do not to entirely swamp this thread here are some group photos of work by Michael Harris while he was at Mdina (1968-1972).


The Australian art glass movement got underway a bit later. The influence of Sam Herman's time at the Jam Factory in Adelaide cannot be overstated. Here are four items signed as follows

1. Samuel J. Herman 1975 SA243
2. Stanislav Melis 1977 S.J.H. Studio
3. RJ Knottenbelt K?G 1977 SJH Studio
4. Peter Goss SA2 S.J. HERMAN STUDIO

The last three date from the year when Herman ran his own studio at the Jam Factory, employing staff and recent graduates to assist him and to do their own work, obviously closely following the master. In the Australian way, all three of them were immigrants - from Slovakia, Netherlands and Britain respectively - and all three went on to have substantial careers in studio glass.



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