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Holmegaard Aristocrat "Magasin Bo"


Hi, I have this Decanter,  I think its a Per Lutken design. It has some engraving on that says Magasin Bo 4-9-75. Does anyone have any idea what this relates too ? I have googled and found nothing. It's a shame it has been 'defaced' (in my opinion) but would help if I knew what it meant. It will either detract from any value or help  :) depending on what it says. Closest I got was 'magazine stay' on a translate page  ???

Magasin is a department store (The Copenhagen branch was & maybe still is the largest in Northern Europe) in Denmark & Bo is the Danish word for Home

So this is probably some kind of commemorative piece.


Expensive glass with engraving or screenprinting of a company logo was a common corporate gift in Denmark, if the number of pieces I've had is anything to go by.

Does tend to affect the value considerably.

It would have been nice if it was something more famous and collectable  ;D. No problem though. I originally thought the stopper was the piece to sell. It may still be but I will offer it complete as it is still a nice decanter and I could put up with the engraving. If it said Harrods it would be ok to me. It's still a 'vintage' piece. Thanks to both of you for your help.   Pete.


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