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Pressed glass trinket sets with ‘Sowerby 2501’ tray – are they Sowerby sets?


Pressed glass trinket sets in clear, blue, uranium green, and amber.

Each set has a tray that looks for-all-the-world to me like that from the Sowerby 2501 set – rectangular, ribbed edges,  a border of 6 x4 'stars-in squares', and a central ‘starburst’ with 20 radial ‘arms’.

However, the other pieces (candlesticks, lidded pots – 1 large + 2 small, and a ringholder) aren’t in accord with those of the 2501 set in any of the Sowerby catalogues I’ve seen. These pieces are all basically rectangular in section, and the pot lids have small plain finials like obelisks.

I keep thinking that it should be obvious where I’ve seen these sets before (perhaps I’m being led astray by the trays), but if they are not Sowerby sets (or variants on the 2501 sets), can someone please put me out of my misery but letting me know who actually made them?

(Permission for re-use of the image of the clear set on GMB granted by elbert123, the blue set by liliancelina22, the uranium green set by bazza131313, and the amber set by chris-tony).

I'm pretty sure they are all Sowerby, the pots are invariably seen with the 2501 tray.

I'm wondering if this is the Cadet set we don't have pics of, as the description we have says it has the star centre tray, or if Cadet is the Junior set with the 2501 style tray instead... the catalogue's not clear at all!

Or it could be the elusive Maid design that we don't have pics of either... the hunt continues...

Eureka! Definitely a Sowerby set!

A set in green uranium glass, with one of the candlesticks still bearing a printed foil label which clearly says “TYNESYDE GLASSWARE”.

The outline of the label is typically Art Deco geometric, unlike other Tynesyde Glassware” labels that I have seen.

Still no definitive information as to which pattern it is, though.

(Permission for the re-use of the images on GMB granted by shisky25). 

Excellent news, Fred, thank you! Now all we need to know is the pattern name and the job's done. :)


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