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Lidded trinket pots & ringholder - rosette finial to pot lids - ID, please?


Three lidded trinket pots (1 large & 2 small) in clear glass. (I presume that the glass is pressed rather than blown). Each pot has a distinct foot, and the body is an inverted cone shape. Flattened conical lid with finial of a distinctive rosette or spur shape. Body and lid heavily decorated with imitation cut pattern. Largest Trinket Box: 4.75" diameter x 5.5" high; 2 smaller Trinket Boxes: 3.75" diameter x 4.5" high

Ringholder  2.9" diameter x  2.3" high. Difficult to tell if it really is a true match to the pots.

IDís, comments or suggestions, please?

(Permission to re-use this image on GMB granted by debra_charity).

Fred, I think I have the perfume flasks to match these, and possibly a pot missing a lid. I don't think I've managed to ID them yet though - let me have a rummage and see what I have. May take me a few days to come back to as everything's in boxes in the spare bedroom at the moment!


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