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Albrecht Greiner-Mai (1932-2012) 1980s example with signature


Nowhere else to share so this seem like the place....

This studio piece is tiny, just 63mm high, but all the more exquisite for it. This 1980s series did include larger pieces and the aim being to achieve harmony between form and decoration. This was made with an amethyst black and pale blue threading.

Signature by flash and daylight. And a nice detail shot...

flying free:
I love the shape and the colour combination of this.

Me too! Would have like one of his bigger pieces too.... this one was almost impossible to photograph well, quite apart from colour which is closest in last pic, to show the fineness of the threading was impossible. Spent a lot of time trying too. Some things are just for holding I guess. p.s. I popped it on ebay.


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