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Greiner-Mai, Paul Ysart, Dodds, Moncrieff, Moneybanks


So a few more to titillate the palette....

My lovely Greiner-Mai lampwork vase. Added pics in German forum too.

A loved but bumped Paul Ysart Harlequin - not by me I might add. I had to have it for the scarce label and turned out the bruise was no real issue to display.

Another of Chris Dodds pieces... just noticed I have wrong image for his candleholder on Scotland's Glass... I used this weights picture...  :o

A Moncrieff Target Ball. Delightful objects.

Oh and a couple of figural moneybanks going cheap  8) 

More coming Sunday...

I struggled for the right place to list the Greiner-Mai vase and gave up on glass putting it into
Art > Sculptures > Contemporary (1980 - Now)

It has most watchers and first bid....


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