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The carboot season started properly today! Have i got my first piece of Nailsea ? If it is, its the first piece ive found in over 15 years of searching. Im i right or does the search go on?
The first person(a dealer) who got to it put it down, claiming that one end looked as though it had been broken!
Thank you

This does not strike me as Nailsea "type" altho I do not pretend to be expert in that type of glass.
On a recent TV program a quite impressive collection of rolling pins which DID include a few of the Nailsea type were auctioned and fetched less than £10 a piece. I was surprised at the low figure.

Oh well, ill keep looking. It just reminded me of some id seen before somewhere. Thanks anyway, no real loss only £4 and id still have bought it Nailsea or not.
Thanks David

Looks like Nailsea to me - either that or Sunderland ?

I'd have said Nailsea and I've seen a few with the different ends.


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