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Great deal on all my Czech glass on Etsy -- 15% discount off already low prices

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Anik R:
I've got a special offer for early November customers: From now until Sunday, November 4, 8pm (Central European time) save 15% off your glass purchase. All you need do to is type in the following discount coupon code at checkout and the price will be reduced: NOVEMBERSALE

There is quite a bit of wonderful glass to chose from (mainly Skrdlovice) by Vizner, Palecek, Beranek, Svoboda, Jezek, Hora, Wunsch, Roubicek, etc. 

My shop:

Thank you for looking.

Some great pieces there Anik, how does etsy compare to eBay?

Anik R:
Thank you, Frank  :)

Ebay reaches a far wider audience whereas Etsy is more of a hidden gem.

On the other hand, Etsy is cheaper than ebay. For 0,20USD your listing (which can include 5 large photographs) remains in your shop for 3 months, or until your item sells.  Etsy takes 3,5% commission on the sale price.  Moreover, all those ebay 'extras' which you pay for are free on Etsy.

For those of you out to find glass, pottery or anything else made pre-1993 for your collection, or if you're interested in handmade products, I would highly recommend searching Etsy.  And don't be afraid to contact shop owners with questions or comments -- from my experience, they are both approachable and helpful.

Oh, and don't forget to stop by my shop while you're browsing.  ;)   

Anik, your shop is beautiful, your photography stunning and your information and communication is impeccable.
Your packing is great and delivery is swift.
I'm a very happy customer, as you know. :-*

You have really fabulous pieces for sale, well worth looking at!

We should all be doing more to support etsy - we need alternatives to ebay.

I knew of Etsy and have always seen as an outlet for craft makers and artists. A little bit shocked by the massive cost rises on my return to eBay after many years, it would clearly be worth a try. Casual sellers like myself are probably well suited to the Etsy approach. eBay 7 day auctions can be a drag with the obscure oddments I gathered with my curiosity over the years.


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