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Picked this up today even though it has damage (which I normally will not do) because it was only $5. Right side is missing a branch, all else is OK. Am asking if anyone has any ideas on whom might have made it? 8" height, 6" width, a ton of gold, opaque pink & transparent cranberry. . Thanks, Ken

I believe it is Barovier & Toso, Ken. I'll see if I can track it down somewhere. I have seen the design a few times before.

Here is one example, but doesn't have a label. Antique Helper also attributes to Barovier, but doesn't mention which Barovier company.

Am I right in thinking that the base seems to be a quite distinctive feature for Barovier & Toso?

>> My fish has it, and in one of the Heiremans books is a reclining nude from the 1930s with the same base...


Yes, Michael. It is what made me think B&T right away. The only caution there is that other companies could copy the look of the base for their designs.


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