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Hello and glad to be on board your forum and already been helped out by you guys , we would like to extend a further 10% discount on our prices for anyone from the GMB contacting us to buy and of our items from our ebay store which is here. we have some lovely British Glass on offer living in the North East regularly come across Davidsons Sowerby Jobling etc etc and some great english and scottish crystal

thank you !

Gentle tip  ;) search Clayton Mayers on this board, not the search box at top but the search here as the top one is topic only.
Thanks but I am none the wiser lol

Your description of your Jacobean glasses is a bit off beam.
To the contrary , the description for the glasses here is taken directly from the registration number details which are published online , the thread on here relating to Jacobean seems somewhat confused to say the least so unless there is some solid evidence otherwise the listing i have has been made in good faith.

thank you



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