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Hoya ?

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V thick v heavy lead crystal cut to clear, sloping rim.
Not VSL as unmarked
So Hoya ? Other ?

Bill G:
I went through my Hoya catalogs for the glass sold in the United States.
99.8 per cent of the crystal was clear. The colors used were rose, red, and cobalt blue.

The Orrefors Gallery in New York was next to the Hoya Crystal Gallery. My wife managed Gallery Orrefors and there was a very good relationship between the staffs of the two galleries. We cannot recall this piece being in
the New York City Hoya gallery.

We do not know what products Hoya imported to Europe so we cannot make a final decision. Just wanted to let you know the American experience with Hoya.


--- Quote from: "paradisetrader" ---Not VSL as unmarked[/img]
--- End quote ---

Few VSL items are marked, but this is no VSL colour, nor their rim finish. Maybe Atlantis?

Thank you Bill for taking the trouble to do that.

Yes most of their production is still clear but they now do perhaps a slightly higher proportion of colored glass including some cut-to-clear.
viz shown at

What made me think of them is their very high quality glass, their deep and adventurous modern cutting styles and the non-tradional color Iin this piece. May be worth an e-mail to them to be sure.

However there must be other firms whose production fits that profile but I I just don't know who - am out of candidates !

Thanks Ivo
I thought of VSL because of the extraordinary wide range of colours they have done over they years but I admit I have not seen anything by them in this color.

Also seem to be only or mainly clear crystal but some interesting rims on these vases
is that what made you think of them ?

Can't find an online catalog or company site which shows their products but found lots of Atlantis at online retailers. Absolutely nothing in color though.

Peter - I really like that thing!  Those of you who know me will be aware that I'm not a collector and that only items of technical interest normally wake me up.  This is the first time that I can remember that anything on this board or its predecesser has inspired me write a non-technical comment.

Maybe this shows that my taste is a bit peculiar and I doubt if I would go so far as to give it house room, but I repeat - I like it!

Adam D.


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