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Hoya ?

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Peter, I hope you achieve an answer. It is a beautifully executed piece. Hoya
Corporation seem to be, just that.  

Hoya glass is of a lovely quality and it  is hard to find out about. I've being trying to find out about one of their artists, T. Yamamoto, for 6/12.  

Peter look under Internet selection > Art in the menu and there are some bowls which are reminiscent of yours - not the same, but showing to me the same quality and characteristics.

There's also a rather nice graphic showing the two ways they make glass here on their Japanese site (text is Japanese but the pics tell the story regardless):

Peter - thanks for sending me the link to this thread, I thought it might be helpful if I posted my VSL here for the purpose of being able to compare it to yours.  Mine is signed Val St Lambert so there's no disputing and it does bear some striking similarities to your piece...


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