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Studio Glass Movement 50th birthday party, 1980-1989

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flying free:
oooh you lucky thing!  a great match :)

A small piece by Elizabeth Swinburne likely to have been blown during her time as a student, around the early 80s.

Elizabeth Swinburne, kindly, provided me with some background info on the piece a couple of years ago now. To paraphrase ''early in the process a small shard of very thin blown yellow glass, which had been engraved, was picked up on the side of the gather of clear. A small  amount of silver chloride is sprinkled  onto the shard just before it is picked up. The silver melts during the reheating and blowing and runs into the engraved marks - hence  you see the little "angles and squiggles"...the silver also reacts  with the chemicals that make the yellow and creates browns/yellows  and sometimes silvery blues."

Really, nice to know a little more about the piece. Interestingly, among many different positions, I see Elizabeth Swinburne was also senior tutor in charge of glass at the RCA during the late 90s. I have attached a link to her website, for more detailed info:

You've got some amazing and interesting bits of glass Greg - does the yellow part really stand so proud of the body as the photo looks? It appears to be flush at the top, but has a bulgy bottom.

Thanks Sue, I actually stumbled across this piece a few years back, so really pleased to some degree it ties in with the earlier RCA pieces I have. The yellow shard, actually, stands proud by only around 1mm, you can just feel it raised slightly when running your hand over it, I think the ovoid shape creates a little bit of an illusion so it appears to stand out further than it actually does. Another factor, looking at it close up is that, the yellow shard sits on top of a clear glass casing and when the light penetrates the yellow shard it sometimes creates a little bit of a shadow around the edges of the shard, giving the shard more of a three dimensional appearance.

You know I only started this thread to winkle all your fabby early bits out (and Trevor's and flying-free's... and anybody else who's been quietly squirrelling's).  ;D


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