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Studio Glass Movement 50th birthday party, 1980-1989

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Iestyn Davies 1998 Blowzone Pefume bottle
Blowzone was started in 1987
A Daniel Edler American studio vase called Flora and dated 1990
Daniel was one of the founders along with Harvey Littleton and Dominick Labino
A Jenny Blair Designs perfume bottle impressed on base JBD

flying free:
I think this belongs here?  My bottle vase is signed and dated '85

and an iridescent vase from Peter Layton made whilst London Glassblowing Workshop were at Rotherhithe (opened 1970 - source Contemporary British Glass published in January 1993).  I think this vase is 80's rather than 70's but it's not dated, just signed.

flying free:
I am unsure whether this belongs here, but have estimated it might be - it could be earlier though.
signed George Elliot Worcestershire

flying free:

Norman Stuart Clarke vase called Red Mountain and made whilst he was in Praze an Beeble around 1986
Please search 'Norman Stuart Clarke' on this board for more information on his history

That would go so nicely with my goblet, produced in '83 at the London Glass Works!


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