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Libochovice 1872-1874 trinket set? Confirmation, please?


A pretty blue pressed glass trinket set comprising a tray, lidded pot and a pair of candlesticks.

On looking through the Libochovice pre-1958 catalogue onMarcus Newhall’s Sklo Union CD-ROM, the tray seems to match the Libochovice tray 1873, the candlesticks 1874, and the lidded pot 1872 (though it’s difficult to make out the details of the pot lid finial on the photo).

Can other GMB members offer their opinion as to the attribution of this set as Libochovice 1872-1874, please?

I can’t recall having come across a set like it before.

Does anyone have photos of a similar set, or even odd pieces, to share for comparison?

The only other Libochovice 187X series pieces would seem to be 1871 (a smaller oblong tray with a different pattern to the base) and 1874A (a divided hors d’oeuvres tray of similar shape to the 1873 tray, but with a different pattern to the base).

(Permission for the re-use of this image on GMB granted by mr-n-mrs-p-1067).

I'd say it's a match, Fred. See another catalogue image below... this is slightly later but I can't find a date for it.

Thank you, Anne.

Just the range of colours now, I suppose.

I've only seen clear so far, Fred, but the blue above is super. There must be some other colours about...

I've just realised I don't have this pattern series on GTS, shall have to add them in. :)

Saw this pink 1874 tray in a local BHF charity shop today - sorry about the poor quality of the photo.

(Permission to photograph this tray granted by the manager of the BHF shop, Welshpool).



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