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Covered Goblets. Haida (probably) - Pauly & Co label

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Hello, I'm a newbie here so I am hoping I'm doing this correctly. I recently purchased a box lot and in it was a pair of matching vases? or drinking vessels with very large lids. They are hand painted and have a green label  from Pauly & Co.

I have no idea where to find information out about Pauly & Co. I have looked at their website but other than that I can find no books or anything to figure out who possibly made these items, when they are from, value, etc...

If anyone can steer me in the proper direction it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Tracy, Pauly is a company with a long, changing history in Murano. I have read a bit about them, but have not sorted it all. Could you show us a picture of the vases and labels? I suspect from your description of the green label that it is mid-century. From what I've read, many glassmakers made glass for Pauly and Pauly also made some of its own. I've had a few pieces over the years with a Pauly label, but I have not been able to say for sure who made them. I just call them Pauly glass without trying to go further. If you show us the covered vases, someone may have some idea.

Just to add what Anita wrote:  Pauly still exists as a store on San Marcos Square in Venice, but they are now a strictly retail company, from what I understand.  At one time the company produced their own glass.  As Anita wrote, we'd have to see photographs to say more. It was--and is--a company selling very good glass.



Thank you for the replies and information regarding Pauly & Co. I'll take some pictures first thing tomorrow morning and post them.

Hi Again!
I'm attaching some pictures of the Pauly & Co pieces. I'm hoping these pictures might help send me in the right direction. Thank you again for your help.


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