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Scottish mystery piece... ysart style (ish)

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As I sorted things out for eBay to pay a bill I found this piece again. I have had this a long time... others by the same maker were produced circa late 1990s and sold in gift shops in Scotland (at least East), later some got touted as Monart or Vasart.  :-\ but not originally as to different to fool other than a particularly inept or dishonest dealer. This one could be made at the lamp or any small studio set-up. Someones bread and butter pieces... but who?

As I cannot see this being worth the effort to list on eBay I will pass it on to anyone interested in continuing the hunt for just postage cost. Which is the same way I got it I think.

... back in a mo pics on another pc   ::)

   ... further along the desk now  :P

Just 66mm high, so a cream jug.

Dip mould used for decoration, shaping not perfectly symmetrical.

Made me wonder about Jangles Glass who were east of Scotland and I think from around the period you mention. I've only got one piece (a vase type thing) - it has its label but that completely covers its pontil mark. It also lacks symmetry and is a bit slap dash, has a clear foot (instead of your clear handle) and a textured flecked decoration. Camera battery on charge just now but maybe a picture or two tomorrow unless you think I'm way off the mark? Think there is only one other mention of Jangles Glass on the GMB so maybe I should add mine anyway for reference.

Ah now there is a thought! I have their Bird of Paradise or something.... see it here but their www has gone  :o Need more of their work on the site too!

Found Robbie on Linkedn... have requested an connection. They closed the business in September 2012  :(

flying free:
Probably the wrong area regionally, but reminded me of some of the Teign Valley Glass stuff as well.


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