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Webb/Kralik lookalike?


Saw this the other day,it may be the reason for mis-attribution (possibly ::)) in some books,eg 'The Hallmarks of Antique Glass by R.Wilkinson,page 137 re-Kralik vase,the reg'lozenge checks out as the dealer says,not seen one like this before,

flying free:
HI Keith
not sure what you mean about misattribution - I don't have that book.  Does it say in that book that this vase is Kralik?

That (very highly respected) dealer knows his stuff. :)

Sorry,not enough info' provided,the vase in the book is a similar version of Kralik' claw as below,on the right,the book says Richardsons c.1870.
Is this someone I should know Sue?

I'm sure he won't mind a little good publicity - Duncan Robinson.  :)


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