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Trinket set with lidded pots having rounded ribs & matching finials – for ID?


A pressed blue glass trinket set. The tray is not particularly distinctive  (rectangular with starburst base), and neither are the candlesticks, but the round lidded pots have rounded ribs (a bit like a pumpkin) and the lid finial of each pot has matching ribs (but oval  or ‘squashed’ [pun!] in section rather than round ).  The flared sides of the matching ringholded have 16 ribs (rounded on the inside).

Also a part set in uranium green glass with similar lidded pots and ringholder.

ID’s, suggestions or comments, please?

(Permission for the re-use of the image of the blue set on GMB granted by thesecretcupboard, and the images of the green set by thefadedgrandeurforum).

Photos of a set in amber, this time with more detail of the tray, and of the candlesticks (showing that the stem and candleholder cups of the candlesticks also have matching rounded ribs).

(Permission for the re-use of these images on GMB granted by a1goodsnchattels).


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