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Heavy Bubbled Goblets - Erik Höglund Design?


Got these two large goblets in a lot of Swedish glass, mostly Boda, including some Höglund pieces.

Not 100% certain these are Höglund, though, as I can't find the design anywhere. The bubbly layer is cased in another layer of bubble-free clear glass - which I've not seen on Höglund glass before (admittedly, I've not owned any Höglund bubble glass for a few years). The stem is also free of bubbles.

But the glass is of high quality, with a fair heft to it. Base is finished with a neat polished pontil mark.

Any help gratefully received.

A layer of bubbly cased in the same colour without bubbles is fairly normal for Hoglund designs, you can feel this on a lot of them. They look consistent with his work too but the lack of engraved number makes me wonder.

To sum up: no help at all. ;D


Oh, well good news on the cased front at least - the few Höglund bubbly bits I've had in the past have been uncased (if memory serves).

None of the other Höglund (non-bubbly) pieces they came with are signed, but either they were labelled or came with original packaging denoting the designer. Which always helps!


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