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Non catalogued Monart bowl ?

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I bought the purple and white bowl last month on an on line auction house sale, at the time I was bidding I was under the impression it was a Monart bowl shape IG, when it arrived it was apparent it was not shape IG. Looking through the Monart catalogue I could not see one of the same shape.
Then one came up on ebay recently, the same shape and size.
Both bowls have the type of finish on the base and pontil (highly polished) which is indicative of the post 1947 era.
This would explain why the shape is not in the Monart catalogue as no new shapes were added after circa 1938.
The vendor has kindly given me permission to use is images.

flying free:
Gary, is the pontil mark /button on your bowl highly polished?  The photo may be deceptive, but it looks to me as though the base on the purple/white bowl is highly polished but the button pontil mark is actually finely ground but unpolished, i.e. not clear and shiny see-through.
I'm asking because all the bases on my vases are shiny polished but have a finely ground pontil mark, matt not shiny see-through and I'm trying to clarify my understanding of what constitutes an un-finished base and what doesn't if you see what I mean.
thanks :)

Both are finished. See discussion in other thread.

Mystery solved, they are in fact a post war variation of the shape IG.
Link below shows a post war labeled IG shape. Though the vendor has dated his piece wrongly ie 1930s

 The image is of a pre war version of shape IG.

Top one could be Vasart... then so too could the second which would make that an early Vasart when they still had the original Kugler colours available.


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