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Jules Lang & Son RD 751081 ringholder others pieces from set?

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A clear pressed glass ringholder with raised RD number 751081 (registered by Jules Lang & Son on 30 December 1929).  9.5cm tall x 7cm diameter.

Jules Lang & Son was an importer of pressed glass, so the actual manufacturer of this piece is, as far as I am aware, still unknown.

This RD number was one of a batch of four (751081 751084) registered on the same day.

Does anyone have any information (especially photos) of the other three registrations from that batch.?

Perhaps they were pieces from a trinket set?

(Permission for the re-use of these images on GMB granted by glitzygal1969).

The Jules Lang & Son registration bundle RDs 751081 to 751084  of 30 December 1929 is indeed a whole trinket set, with details as follows:

RD 751081 - Ringholder, approx 3" dia x 2" high

RD 751082 - Tray, approx 11 " x 7" x 1" deep

RD 751083 - Small Pot with lid, approx 2 7/8" dia x 3 " deep (inc lid)

RD 751083 - Large Pot with lid, approx 3 " dia x 4" deep (inc lid).
N.B. It IS the same Reg. No. as the small pot, not a typo!

RD 751084 - Candlestick, approx 4" dia x 7" high

First batch of photos attached.

(Permission for the re-use of these images on GMB granted by Rob Young)

More photos of the same set.

And here in uranium but with different candlesticks
Now residing with Anne I think

Thank you, Christine.

The green uranium candlesticks would seem to match the clear candlestick that Anne has on the GTS site as Mystery set 53:

All the pieces on Rob Young's clear set are marked with a raised RD number. Presumably the green uranium pieces and Anne's clear candlestick are unmarked.


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