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Gigantic 13"x 9" enamel jug, insects, snakes, drip trail rim. ID = Harrach

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flying free:
I cannot resist an ott over-decorated piece of glass and this is so enormous and so beautiful I had to 'rescue' it  ;D (also damaged...OH is starting to make comments like 'we are not a museum m' and raises his eyebrows when I try and justify it)
The enamelled insects are exquisite, high quality enamelling almost as though they were painted in a reference book, and I've not found anything of the quality to match them.
The snakes have smiles and are gilded.  Applied blue top/rim onto the clear with drip trails all the way round.  The whole piece is enamelled all over.
Polished pontil mark on the base and firepolished rim which has been gilded.  The handle has a gilded pattern on it.
I suspect it is probably Harrach?  any thoughts much appreciated as always.

flying free:
more pics

Anik R:
Not normally my kind of thing, but I must say, I do love the insects.  Fabulous find, m!

Quite remarkable... OTT is also appropriate :D

Got to be one of the top makers,those insects are incredible,you must have some great shops in your area, ;D ;D


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