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Turquoise fish vase, Salviati style -- maker? age?


Nice turquoise-blue fish vase on round base, clear glass applications with lots of gold, eyes ivory and black coloured canes, in the style of Salviati 19th century...
Stands 19 cm high, and weighs 320 g.
Base with folded-over rim (there is some colourless glass towards the edge, so it seems to be cased?).

Any idea of maker and age? -- I guess vases like this have been made for a very long time, but the shape seems a little less common than the Salviati dolphin lookalikes; here is a set with 2 similar shaped bud vases >> Link
The dirt of decades is buried deep in the fish' tail (I know, this can happen in a few years, too ;))


Hard to know for sure. The mouth reminds me more of the work of Fratelli Toso. However, many could have made this type of mouth, so Toso is only a possibility.

Thanks a lot, Anita!
I was afraid that it would be quite tough to attribute my fishy...

I saw these 2 Fratelli Toso fish in your zoo, and the mouth (and the optical pattern in the red one) do look quite similar to mine.
I guess dating my fish will prove quite difficult as well; would the eyes or the turquoise colour indicate anything?



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