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Murano or Baccarat?

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Otis Orlando:
Hi, thinking of bidding on this paperweight.  Judging by the canes, I would of said Murano, but then again I could be wrong.  Any ideas within the next hour?   ;D.  Not to worry if bidding ends, it would be interesting to know the maker though.;jsessionid=5401ED32626562DC322571A46253ADB9?

You are not wrong.  It is from Murano and the date is a fake.

Otis Orlando:
I can't believe I missed my bid, but very glad I did!  I think tiredness over powered  me.  ;D   My concern is, by having a date within the paperweight, can that  be misconstrued as being fake?   I am only asking.  Is it fake to have a date within the paperweight even though it was not made within that period............, I wonder.  I have read the description again and again.  There is no mention of stating that the paperweight was made of that period, unless I am reading wrong.  The description stated that there is a date within the paperweight,  which if not read and understood properly, can lead to disappointment and  loss.    Of course it would be an argumentative subject, matter,  but it is of my opinion that the seller would not be liable for misrepresentation in this case.  I suppose it is the potential buyers responsibility to investigate prior to purchase, would you not agree?  It also is of importance that the seller on the other hand makes clear with honesty in mind, what they are selling.  Anyway, thank you very much for letting us know and appreciate your contribution to this post.


--- Quote from: Otis Orlando on November 12, 2012, 12:17:21 AM ---Is it fake to have a date within the paperweight even though it was not made within that period............, I wonder.
--- End quote ---
I am not sure if there is a unanimous definition of a "fake", so I'll just give you my very personal view: there are loads of these paperweights around - made second half 20th century, with year canes of the 19th century. The usual explanation is that the customer asked for that year to commemorate his grandaunt's year of birth. For me this is a lame excuse: these canes were put in to deceive people - whether you call it a fake or not.
What the ebay seller states is a different matter: you very rarely see this year described as year of manufacture. Conclusion: most sellers know it is not, and there are two types of sellers - some clearly state that, others don't, but leave it to the customer to find out themselves.

Hi Otis
What Wolf says is absolutely correct and it is my understanding makers on Murano started using these fake dates canes in the 1950's/60's but no one seems to know why they did this.  Picture of my Murano Mushroom weight with 1846 cane attached

It is worth noting that Arculus weights bearing the 1848 date canes are also fake as these weights were made from the 1930's but again no reason is know for this



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