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Murano or Baccarat?

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Otis Orlando:

--- Quote from: Wuff on November 12, 2012, 09:25:50 AM ---For me this is a lame excuse: these canes were put in to deceive people - whether you call it a fake or not.

--- End quote ---

Yes! to some degree I would certainly agree with you, however, the seller/buyer may not share the same view.  Not all sellers/makers, have deliberate intentions to deceive and I am not stating that you are saying this.  It is just beyond me that some makers will resort to deceive, if this is the case.  Even with this in mind, there is still  no concrete evidential fact to prove this,............. that deception has been committed!   With regards to the seller, lack of knowledge on the subject matter could possibly be a part of the reason, as some sellers  just sell without making any investigations into what they are selling.  With reference to the paperweight apparently being sold on Ebay.  The buyer might have or not have knowledge about the paperweight, but just brought it on the basis that they just liked it.  At the end of the day, the item was sold.   Power selling is a very complexed, interesting and in most cases disturbing subject and we all have different views about this.  I most certainly have taken on board the comments you both have made and will be more cautious when buying paperweights  of this kind and others mentioned.   Thank you for your contributions to this post, it has been very helpful and interesting.

Well - I hope it was clear enough that my statements were making a difference between makers and sellers.

As for the makers, I cannot think for an acceptable reason: these canes were put in to deceive people.

As for the sellers - I said that most seem to be aware of the fact the weights are made much later, as you rarely find it stated the weight was made in ... whatever the year is. Whenever I notice such a statement, I contact the seller - the majority are surprised, but accept advice, few become rude - and I surely believe these sellers know the truth and also want to deceive ... fortunately they seem to be a minority.

I had not made any comment about the buyers, and I certainly will not imply they wanted to deceive 8)! I guess there will mainly be two types: either they belong to the group who are learning by making a mistake (we all have done that in the past, and still may be doing it again in future!) - or they knew what they are buying, but liked it anyway. There is nothing wrong with this - I myself own such a "1843" Murano perfume bottle: I liked it, felt I would like to have an example in my collection - and paid what I felt was a reasonable price for it.

Otis Orlando:
I suppose by the comments made to this post will bring some awareness when purchasing these types of paperweights.  I certainly will be more cautious!


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