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Identification of a pair of vases

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Hi everyone. I'm new to this, so please excuse any mistakes or ignorance shown!

I recently bought a 'job lot' of glass at auction, and wondered if anyone can tell me anything about this pair of vases which were included.

There are some more pictures of them at

I think they may be vaseline glass, but am unsure how to check. They are about 13" or so tall and appear to be handmade. Also, any ideas about the 'crease' on one of them, shown in the 'extra' pictures?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, John.

Hi John, Welcome to the board. I don't think they're vaseline glass, they don't have that 'glow' that you learn to recognise by experience. But the only way to tell for sure is to check them under a UV light, where they should have a really bright green fluorescence. Have a look at Dave Peterson's site for some examples.

I also don't think they look English either. The crease looks like a crack from here, but it may just be an annealing crack or a flaw that occured when it was de-moulded.

These are mould blown satinated and made (most probably) in Northern France. They are not Bulb vases, although they are often mistaken for bulb vases. As to when they were made, anybody's guess. They are modeled after 1900 vases, but are most unlikely to be from that period.

Hi Christine & Ivo, and thanks for the information.

One thing I forgot to mention is that, when wet, they go clear - I don't know if this is significant!

Another thing I'd like to know is whether they have any value - I sell quite a few bits on eBay and was wondering if I should try them there? I have searched on eBay, but couldn't find anything quite like them.

The auction lot included a couple of nice Whitefriars pieces which I've listed, so I shouldn't be out of pocket if I throw these vases away - they're not really my style - but it would be nice to know if it'd be a mistake to do so!

I guess I'd better get myself a UV lamp, as I quite often find bits of glass!

Thanks again for your help, John.

A key ring light is useful and adequate (bright sun can be a bit of a handicap though) when out and about and then something a little larger for photographing.

All frosted or satinated glass goes quite clear when wet. Frosting is done by sandblasting or acid etching, acid treatment is probably more common and can give a lovely silky feel to the glass.

Value who knows, try them at 99p and use Ivo's info to help describe them


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