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wanted to buy German glass

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Hello i am after a few pieces of glass still , i am after a pink set of love birds candle sticks , the ones that come with the dove dressing table sets , Also after a Brockwitz cockatoo with bowl if possible ,any colour , a brockwitz sea lion set , a pink brockwitz lady and frog if possible , also after a frog for a bullrush vase , also would like a walther piccolo bowl , Thanks REX

Hello as i havent had a nibble will add what i would pay for the items to see if i can get any interest , Green brockwitz sea lions only the lions about $500 pounds in good condition , For the bullrush plinth about $130 pounds ? walther piccolo bowl $200 pounds ? Brockwitz cockatoo $500 pounds ? will negotiate , i am honest and carry through with any deal i make ,Thanks REX

Do you just want the Piccolo bowl or do you want Lilli as well?

I will take what ever you want to sell as long as i can get the bowl ,i am sure   do have a lilli somewhere , i am after the parts to make up the sets that we are missing but will buy whole sets to get them , let me know , Thanks REX

Sorry to bother but also would like an amber set of dove candle sticks from the dove, pidgeon, dressing table set  , willing to Pay $75 to  $100 pounds , thanks REX


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