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wanted to buy German glass

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I have sent them a message to see if they will send to Australia , as you know i have had a problem with getting UK sellers to post to me even though i have purchased over 800 items of glass from UK now with a 100% record and i have never left bad feedback even when i know i have been duped , Thanks Very much Nigel  REX and Theresa

Do you want me to bid for you and send it on?

Yes if you can , i have just had a reply that they wont post abroad , Thanks REX

Nigel off to bed now check in the morning , Thanks REX and Theresa

160932996749  a blue brockwitz i would like but another pickup only , i have a brockwitz blue girl to go in it , does anybody know if brockwitz made 2 different size columns for the fortuna bowls , i know some one told me that when i got my birdy fortuna they said i had the wrong size bowl ?, but as they were all sold separately or together there is no right or wrong , you could buy one piece and get more later and you could put them in what ever bowl or vase they fitted , Just because it shows on some sites one way or in the catalog another way doesnt mean one is right and another wrong, Thanks REX


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