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wanted to buy German glass

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I am also in the hunt for any of the rarer walther clocks , i have got the piccolo and a frog plinth , i now need the plinth that has only the 3 round things like a set of card clubs but only 3 ,there are 2 types and i now have one need the other , if i has 2 of the rarer items i would swap , i have swapped with Nigel and had no problems, anybody with any walther or brockwitz rarer items email me ,i dont bite , thanks REX

Hi Rex
Do you have a green doves dressing table set?

Nigel i dont have a green doves one , would like a set , REX

Nigel is the man that knows more about this type of glass than most others , i know of someone else that has a huge collection of this type of glass,i dont know if they swap ,they sell occasionally , i have mainly one offs as i have tried to get one of each of Brockwitz and Walther in any colour , i have been sidetracked and bought czech and some English as we both like all arty glass, we are cataloging and storing all the vases and plinths and only are going to have on display the german stuff , REX

Hello bit of an update on wanted to buy ,have managed to get one of the bullrush plinths still need the other , have purchased another vanity set of doves to get what i am after , willing to pay $650 pounds for green sea lions Brockwitz ,i am also after an amber walther frog not the common one the other one if that makes sense , Nigel will know what i mean , Would like a clowns clock and a lions clock , these are some of the wishlist , Thanks REX and Theresa


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