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wanted to buy German glass

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Green sea Lions Brockwitz $550 upwards for a complete set ,let me know if you are thinking of selling , Brockwitz cockatoo set any colour $550 and a set of candle sticks in dove shape pink please , even pay spotters fee , still buy any rarer walther and brockwitz , Thanks REX 

I will pay in pounds by paypal what i have offered and  more for the right glass , i would like to thank the seller that has agreed to sell to me one of the pieces i wanted ,i am only after a few more and would be satisfied with that , anybody help out let me know , we are not sellers or bargainers we just happen to love the art deco and german pressed glass, any body want to make some money for Christmas give me an email , Thanks REX

I am now after the amber set of dove candle sticks for the dove dressing table set , thanks REX

I am also after a Walther tosca bowl in blue or green or both prefer with frog if possible , we have been have a stocktake and pulling out of shed and loft and under beds , i have been buying a few plinths and found i have a few dont know what to do with them we have a number of oval ones that nothing we have fits , Thanks REX

251191371550 on ebay Rex


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